"Miss Lizzie" My Inspiration by Sculptor Joy Beckner

"Lizzie" proud member of the the Beckner family

Lizzie an Inspiratioin and friend  of Joy Beckner

Braaehaus Hometown Girl, Miss Lizzie
11/23/89 - 10/12/06

Lizzie and Brian - Thanksgiving 2002

Lizzie and Brian - Thanksgiving 2002
Photo by Brian Beckner

Miss Lizzie came into our lives June 1, 1996, at the age of six and a half years. We thank Rita and Larry Toombs for sharing her with us, giving us over ten years with this sweet, elegant, valiant lady. She rallied after a September operation, much like the brilliant colors of Indian Summer, and then, passed away at the age of sixteen years, ten and one half months. Lizzie is the daughter of Am./Canadian Ch. Braaehaus Traveling Man, and mother of Ch. Retdachs Brwneyed Hansoman, AKA Andy. At the time, Lizzie was survived by her 10 1/2 year old grandson, Ch. Retdachs Brwneyed Hansonboy, AKA Edgar. Anna, Lizzie, Edgar and Sophie, are deeply missed.

Above Photo of Lizzie by Joy, 9/15/06