Joy Beckner's Bronzes in the permanent collection of the Dunnegan Gallery, Bolivar, MO.

So Good to See You SS by Joy Beckner at Dunnegan Gallery

So Good to See You, SS

A Good Life MS by Joy Beckner at Dunnegan Gallery

A Good Life, MS

Two-Timer a sculpture bust by Joy Beckner at Dunnegan Gallery


The Dunnegan Gallery of Art is a contemporary fine art museum located next to the Victorian family home of banker brothers THB Jr. and John Dunnegan. The brothers created a museum to house their art collection and provide a place for the people of Bolivar, MO, and the surrounding area to always have access to art. Thanks to the dear departed director Wanda Wainscott, the Dunnegan now includes a wide variety of works including those by Andy Warhol and Joy Beckner. The museum is regularly visited by persons from across the United States and beyond. The Dunnegan Gallery is a little gem that is well worth a visit. Please tell the current director, Jo Roberts, I sent you! Enjoy!

Jo Roberts, Director, Dunnegan Gallery

Jo Roberts, Director

Wanda Wainscott, Former Director, Dunnegan Gallery

Wanda Wainscott, Former Director

Dunnegan Gallery

Dunnegan Gallery