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Living with Your Dog

Kool Kong

By Charlotte Peltz

"Kong" is a trademarked name for a number of different toys and all of them are jewels indeed. But -- my favorite for many reasons -- is THE Kong, or more accurately, the series of cone shaped, hollow, non-toxic rubber toys that are puncture resistant and super bouncy. The bouncy nature of these toys is special because it is unpredictable compared to a ball. But that is only the beginning!

Their sizes range from one suitable for a Yorkie to one that will keep your Irish Wolfhound busy and you can still expect to return and know that the toy is ready for another round. I find it interesting that it developed because the owner of "Fritz the Chewmaster" finally came across a part from a Volkswagen that held up under Fritz' developed and discerning mighty jaws. There is no mention of just what that part is and I can assure you I would really like to have that bit of info!

Besides bounce, however, there is an even more important role played by this so humble appearing "toy". It can be stuffed with goodies!

Occupying our dogs, no matter how hard some of work to do so, is an ever-challenging event. Enter those who simply get a dog and then expect to have Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Ol' Yeller, you name it, and big time trouble enters the picture. Sad to say -- the "trouble" often results in a "home in the country" or worse, for the dog that does not fit the picture.

While I would love to say that I have the perfect solution -- no, that is not the case. It is, after all, a very big picture.

But, to the rescue for those interested in training their dogs, this toy is a big step in the right direction.

For example, puppies anywhere from a couple of months up until about one year are certainly big time into chewing. While that pastime could include precious treasures of yours, enter KONG! That hollow space in the Kong? Oh the goodies that can be stuffed into it that give Jaws, a safe, healthy, approved way to satisfy his real need to chew. Same goes for Bonzo the Bored, George the Greeter, Ingrid the Insecure, Nacho the new pup, and others.

Get ready for these recipes!

Teething pups do well with things that you can stuff into the Kong and then freeze. Good sense suggests that the pup get access to said Kong on the patio and not on your newly purchased treasured tapete! After all -- if it has been frozen it will defrost.

Such things could include: Fill it with a mixture of broth, tiny pieces of banana, carrot, and apple and top off the two openings with something special such as a bit of meat, cheese, leftover egg, etc. Not all of these things at one time, of course.

Other considerations for stuffing and not freezing include: Banana mashed with peanut butter, tiny bits of carrot, pieces of cheese, leftovers (including salad pieces, meat, pasta, croutons), egg, breakfast oatmeal -- and, well, maybe you have the idea?

For the fussy pooch (not likely to last for long with this program!) make each of the entrances to the Kong really special and then layer the interior so that they are surprised as they progress.

To me, disgusting things such as cans of cheese that one can "spray" into the mix work really well. How about the product known as Cheese Whiz? Great for training so - if someone knows where such things are available here do let me know, please?

The Kong people have floating versions, Dental Kongs with ropes that I think are fabulous, disks (Goodie Ships) that have openings that one can stuff with goodies requiring expertise to extract, and more.

For particulars do contact me or email - - or internet:

These are great products with multiple uses. Go for it!

"One can measure the size and moral progress of a nation to how she treats her animals." Mahatma Gandhi.

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