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Living with Your Dog

For the New Year I Resolve...

by Charlotte Peltz

.…. to treat you as the wonderful creature you are, a dog, and not a person in a fur jacket.
.…. to learn more about you so that I can teach you in ways you understand.
.…. to teach you the things that will make your life, my life, and our lives together more meaningful and pleasant for both of us.
….. to remember that you do nothing from spite and do not have a concept of right and wrong. You do what feels good at the time, and it is my job to learn how to get those actions and what I want from you, to match up.
.…. to exercise you daily for your mental and physical health. And, that exercise will always be done in a fashion that assures your safety.
.…. to feed you the very best food available since proper nutrition is vital to your health, comfort and longevity.
.…. to keep you physically clean, brushed and combed.
.…. to keep your teeth clean in order to free you from the pain of bad teeth and rotting gums. I realize that these problems also stress your liver, kidneys and even your heart and you deserve my help.
..… to trim (or have trimmed) your toe nails at least monthly because I know that long nails make you very uncomfortable when you are walking and can even affect the development of your legs if you shift your weight to the back of your paw instead of standing upright on all of the foot.
.…. to remember that you are a social animal and it is cruel to force you to live and sleep alone out of doors.
.…. to train you so that you are well behaved and can be included in family activities and living conditions.
.…. to not allow you to breed unless you are clearly proved to be of superior quality for your breed, free of the diseases associated with your breed, and that I am in a position to assume full responsibility for your puppies for their entire lives.
.…. to neuter you if you are not of superior quality, and to help prevent the life threatening health problems associated with intact dogs -- both male and female.
.…. to guarantee you proper health care, vaccinations and to never allow you to suffer unnecessary pain. .…. to provide you with comfortable shelter when you are out of doors, soft areas to rest on to protect your joints, and fresh cool water at all times.
.…. to never abandon you or give you away unless I can no longer physically provide for you. You are, after all, a family member whom I chose with care and love and I shall treat you accordingly.

Finally, I resolve to sponsor the neutering of at least one male or female dog at the SPA during this New Year.


"One can measure the size and moral progress of a nation to how she treats her animals." Mahatma Gandhi.

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