Squirrel Season, Smooth 1:6 Bookends

Squirrel Season 1:6 Scale Smooth Dachshund Bronze Sculpture Bookends

Squirrel Season 1:6 Scale Smooth Dachshund Bronze Sculpture Bookends

Squirrel Season 1:6 Scale Smooth Dachshund Bronze Sculpture Bookends

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“Squirrel Season” Smooth 1:6 Scale 8"H x 8"W x 1 7/8"D
Bronze Ed. 50 & 5 Artist's Proofs ©2003
Approx. 10 pounds

Award of Excellence, 43rd Annual Exhibition, Society of Animal Artists, NYC

Polich Art Foundry Prize, 70th Annual Exhibition, National Sculpture Society, NYC

Merit Award, Sculpture, 10th National Exhibition, Memphis Germantown Art League, TN

Award of Merit, Trinidad National Fine Art Exhibition, A.R. Mitchell Museum, Trinidad, CO

First Place, Sculpture & Artists’ Choice Award, 16th Contemporary American Dog Art Competition. Dog Fanciers Club, Inc., NYC

The idea for "Squirrel Season" came to me when my husband Brian and I walked our dachshunds Lizzie and Edgar in our neighborhood, AKA "Squirrel Alley." Squirrels stimulated two entirely different approaches to hunting: manly Edgar simply stared at a squirrel as if he could "will" it down from the tree, while his eternally optimistic grandmother Lizzie leaped and leaped, hugging the tree and nearly wearing the hair off her chest each time she attempted to reach the squirrel.

My dachshund anatomy mentor, Judge Weldon Long, once commented about my Dream Chasers Series that I had done the impossible; I had made a dog look as if it is "on the move." It was Weldon's comment that encouraged me to create Lizzie leaping.

Collector Janet Depler commented, "You captured the power of their obsession and make me feel a bit better about admiring their determination and physical prowess. Thank you for expressing your affection so exactly."

As with my other 1:6 scale works, I modeled these dachshunds directly in wax and created the bases to fit the action. Designed as a pair, they may be used as bookends or as a two-part freestanding sculpture.

Each pair of “Squirrel Season” Smooth is made by hand, one at a time, in Colorado, USA.

Each dachshund is signed, dated and numbered and includes my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor.

I invite a special person to commission me to create either or both of these dogs life-sized.


Squirrel Season-Smooth at Hiram Blauveldt Art Museum - Sculptor Joy Beckner

"Squirrel Season-Smooth" shown at the opening at the Hiram Blauveldt Art Museum in Oradell, NJ, where it earned an Award of Excellence at the 43rd Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists in September 2003, after which the exhibition traveled to various museums for a year and a half.

Many thanks to Marijane Singer, the late director of the Blauvelt, for displaying "Squirrel Season" as art rather than as bookends. Thanks, too, to Bob Mason, husband of fellow award-winner, Diane Mason, for this photograph.

Monumentality in Miniature by Joy Beckner Sculptor

Dachshund Definitions - Sizes and Coats
SS: Standard Smooth
SW: Standard Wirehair
SL: Standard Longhair
MS: Miniature Smooth
MW: Miniature Wirehair
ML: Miniature Longhair
1:6 Scale: Fits in a hand
Pieces may be commissioned in Smooth, Wire or Long coat.