So Good To See You" MS

So Good To See You, MS Life-sized Miniature Smooth Dachshund Bronze Sculpture by Sculptor Joy Beckner

miniature bronze Dachshund sculpture by Joy Beckner

miniature bronze Dachshund sculpture by Joy Beckner

This bronze sculpture is acquired and no longer available

13 1/2"L x 11 5/8"H x 10 1/8"D Bronze Ed. 20 & 2 Artist's Proofs ©2003. Approx. 17 Pounds

Best Sculpture, Red River Valley Museum, Third Annual National Juried Exhibition, Vernon, TX.

bronze dachshund sculpture by Joy Beckner

"So Good to See You” MS
Life-sized Miniature
PAWS & REFLECT: Art of Canines
Dunnegan Gallery
Bolivar, MO

Dunnegan photo: Joy Beckner

“So Good to See You” MS, toured with the 2007-2010 Paws & Reflect: Art of Canines museum traveling exhibition.

The original "So Good to See You" SS, Standard Smooth, was inspired by two beauties, Lizzie and Tess. My then ten-year-old Lizzie and I met young Tess in June 1999, at the Dachshund Club of America National Field Trial. Tess looked up from a tightly curled position, as if to greet a friend. It was magic! For the first time I memorized a pose -- the glorious curve following the left side of her ribcage to her slim waist and hips left an indelible impression on me.

Since 1996, when I was given Lizzie, I wanted to do a head study of her. The curved position provided the simplicity necessary to showcase her head. In addition, it fulfilled my desire to bring height to a sculpture of a naturally posed dachshund. My husband, Brian, inspired the title. He always told Lizzie, "It's so good to see you," about ten times when he returned from a trip. Many thanks to a Boulder, CO, dachshund aficionado for commissioning "So Good to See You” MS.

Each is signed, numbered and made by hand, one at a time in Colorado, USA. Each includes my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor. Enjoy!

Joy Beckner fine bronze canine sculpture

Art mimics life, or, does life mimic art?
"So Good to See You" MS with Smokey of Atlanta, GA.
Photography by Karen Sicner
Thank you, Karen!

Dachshund Definitions - Sizes and Coats
SS: Standard Smooth
SW: Standard Wirehair
SL: Standard Longhair
MS: Miniature Smooth
MW: Miniature Wirehair
ML: Miniature Longhair
1:6 Scale: Fits in a hand
Pieces may be commissioned in Smooth, Wire or Long coat.