"Merry Sunshine" Canine Bronze Golden Retriever Sculpture by Sculptor Joy Beckner

Golden Retreiver

Merry Sunshine bronze canine sculpture by Joy Beckner

Available for Immediate Acquisition

Best Entry Depicting a Golden Retriever,

26th Annual National Juried Fine Arts Competition, 2012 Art Show at the Dog Show, Wichita, KS.

One-quarter life-sized ~ 10 ½”W x 7”D x 5”H ~ Bronze, Ed. 50 & 5 Artist’s Proofs ©2011 ~ Life-sized by Commission

When Taylor Herrick first told me what he had in mind for this piece, I was excited because I saw the possibility for a beautiful sculpture. Sized to perfectly fit on a desk, windowsill, tabletop, or wherever it may please you. "Merry Sunshine" may be commissioned in life-size. Each is made by hand, one at a time, in Colorado, USA. Each is signed, numbered and includes my mark.Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor

Merry Sunshine by Joy Beckner view 2
Merry Sunshine canine sculpture in bronze view 3
Golden Retreiver Sculpture in bronze by Joy Beckner view 4