"Inspiration" Long Coat Medallic Sculpture in Pewter by Joy Beckner, Sculptor

Inspiration Long Coat Canine Medallic Art in Pewter by Joy Beckner Artist

Canine Medallic Art in Pewter by Joy Beckner Artist

3 3/8”W x 2 3/4”H x 3/8”D
Fine Pewter Edition Open ©2012

The medal, titled “Inspiration” Long, was inspired by my dachshunds -- and -- the exquisite bas-relief medals modeled by German sculptors Heide Dobberkau (1929) and her husband Werner Niermann. Years ago I fell in love with a medal by Heidi, and when I went back to Medialia Rack & Hamper Gallery in New York City to get it, it was sold out! Soon, I fell in love with, and acquired, other medals by Heidi. My first commission was a series of bas-reliefs of humans for the National Cosmetology Association, after which I took a bas-relief workshop with renowned sculptor, Eugene Daub. I modeled “Inspiration” Smooth, directly in wax at actual size. After that, I started to learn Medal Making 101, ON the job! I hope you enjoy the result of my latest venture into the refined world of medals. The original bronze “Inspiration” Smooth, was juried into the 2010 FIDEM XXXI Congress and Exhibition, Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d’ Art, The Tampere Museum, Tampere, Finland.

“Inspiration” Long is hand made, one at a time, in Colorado, USA. Each fine pewter medal/ornament/wall hanging is signed, dated and includes my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor.

Select Ribbon: Holiday Red or Best of Variety Blue.


Don Casper Photography

Custom Medallic Sculpture commissions by Joy Beckner are also available