Lord of the Couch, Wire 1:6

Lord of the Couch 1:6 Scale Wire Dachshund Bronze Sculpture by Joy Beckner

Lord of the Couch 1:6 Scale Wire Dachshund Bronze Sculpture by Joy Beckner

Lord of the Couch 1:6 Scale WireDachshund Bronze Sculpture

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“Lord of the Couch” Wire 1:6 Scale 4 1/8"L x 2 3/8"H x 1 1/2"D
Bronze Ed. 99 & 9 Artist's Proofs ©2003
Approx. 1 Pound

"Lord of the Couch” MW" was inspired by Lena Leonardsson, who commissioned me to sculpt her dapper, departed Wokie. This 1:6 Scale miniature naturally followed.

Judge Weldon Long, my departed dachshund anatomy mentor, commented on what great feet "Lord" has and how well I had groomed him. Weldon exclaimed, "I could take that dog into a [show] ring and get a 5-point major on him today! Of course, we'll never know how he moves." I missed Weldon who passed away in September 2007.

When our smooth boy, Edgar, acted as if he owned our couch, Wokie in clay, became "Lord of the Couch” MW. After my husband, Brian, named it, I learned the title was quite appropriate. When Wokie wasn't busy hunting rabbits, cornering woodchucks, or doing his Wokie-doodle dance, he was a real couch man. He spent a lot of time perched on top of the back of the couch. Imagine and enjoy.

"Lord of the Couch” MW, earned First Prize at the 2013 New Members Show at the Salmagundi Club, NYC, Best Sculpture at the Dog Fanciers Fourteenth Contemporary Dog Art Competition, NYC, and three awards at the 16th Annual Art Show at the Dog Show, Wichita, KS.

Each “Lord of the Couch” Wire 1:6 is made by hand, one at a time in the USA.

Each is signed, numbered and includes my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor.


Monumentality in Miniature by Joy Beckner Sculptor

Dachshund Definitions - Sizes and Coats
SS: Standard Smooth
SW: Standard Wirehair
SL: Standard Longhair
MS: Miniature Smooth
MW: Miniature Wirehair
ML: Miniature Longhair
1:6 Scale: Fits in a hand
Pieces may be commissioned in Smooth, Wire or Long coat.