FUNCTIONAL FINE ART: Paper Weight :: Book Weight :: Source of Serenity :: Palm Paw

Palm Paw Black and Tan Functional Art Canine Paper Weight in Bronze

Palm Paw Functional Canine Art by Joy Beckner

Palm Paw
4 1/4"H x 2"W x 1 3/8"D
Bronze Ed. Open & 9 Artist¹s Proofs ©2002

"Palm Paw" is a natural extension of my doorknocker, "Knock, Knock." During the time I modeled the paw in wax, I enjoyed holding it. I want persons to be aware of the entire surface of the paw: to see, feel and massage the smooth pad in contrast to the subtle texture on the toes. "Palm Paw" is the first sculpture I created that is a medal, in that it has an "obverse," which is the top, and a "reverse," which is the fully-finished back.

"Palm Paw" is indeed a medal of many talents: it handsomely plays the role of an executive paperweight, or a book weight, to luxuriously hold open larger books. In addition, I¹ve been told that "Palm Paw" is a source of serenity when cradled between the palms. Take comfort in your "Palm Paw." May it give you peace.

Select patina, Red or Black & Tan.
Signed, numbered and presented with my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor.