Fine Art Luxury Jewelry Pin: Three-Quarter Head: Dachshund Wire, Smooth or Long Coat

Fine Art Luxury Jewelry Pins Perfect Profile Three Quarter Head Dachshund Wire, Smooth or Long Coat by Joy Beckner

The Joy Beckner Collection of Fine Art Luxury Jewelry

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Fine Art Luxury Jewelry Lapel Pins Perfect Profile Half Head Dachshund Wire, Smooth or Long Coat by Joy Beckner

Item PIN3/4:DW
Item PIN3/4:DS
Item PIN3/4:DL
1 1/2”W x 1”H x 1/2”D
Sterling Silver Ed. Per Coat: 20 & 2 Artist's Proofs ©2001

Fine Art Luxury Jewelry backs by Joy Beckner

Pin Design Differences

Left: Perfect Profile Half Head Pin back
Right: Three-Quarter Head Pin back

I was inspired to create these highly dimensional portrait pins when I picked up and held my dear Lizzie. She snuggled against my shoulder and then arched her neck and looked at me -- at eye level. This pin is a reminder of the joy you share with your favorite variety of dachshund.

This Three-Quarter Head pin works well on a jacket or a coat. When you look down on it, you will see a full three-quarters of the dog's head that almost appears to be peeking out of the garment!

Each is signed, numbered and presented with my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor.

Select Coat: Wire, Smooth or Long Coat.

Made by Hand in Missouri.

Mel Schockner Photography